Last Minute for Love.

Kitties on the run, we forget about the ones we love, and here are some last minute ideas for those precious kitties in your life. 


For the young kitty, cups filled with goodies will go a long way. One of our favorite places is the 99 cent store. We are mommas on a budget, and to be honest, lots of this will go into the recycle bin at the end of the day. 

What you will need:
    Paper cups
    Paper straws
    Paper & Felt
    Toys/Party Favors

FIrst thing first, prints tons of hearts for decorating. Here is the link for pdf to use. GEO HEART


The file can be resized and printed. With these hearts, you can personlize and add your own touch, resize them and paint them any way. When the hearts are all done, use the straws to glue the hearts. 


Place the straw in the cup and fill the cup with goodies. Seriously, fast and simple. Here are some videos. 

IsabelAthena KittyGang